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R-17.  Lobar pneumonia  R-78. Bronchopneumonia R-2. Bronchopneumonia with abscesses SN-32.  Purulent meningitis 
R-58. Pulmonary abscess SN-13. Cerebral abscess  C-32. Fibrinous 'bread and butter' pericarditis  TGI-47. Pseudomembranous colitis
GF-43. Puerperal endometritis; acute splenitis  OH-39.  Necrotizing  hemorrhagic amygdalitis in acute leukemia TGI-3. Scarred stenosing colitis  C-62. Myocardial scars after extensive infarction of left ventricle 
R-41. Primary pulmonary tuberculosis, Ghon's nodule R-53. Primary pulmonary tuberculosis, Ghon's nodule SN-3. Tuberculous primary complex in child and meningitis  R-16. Post-primary tuberculosis. Calcified Puhl's nodule in lung apex
R-38. Cavitating Puhl's nodule R-36. Tuberculous apical cavity and bronchogenic spread  R-56. Tuberculous apical cavity and caseous pneumonia  R-66.  Exudative tuberculosis and extensive bronchogenic spread 
R-37. Miliary tuberculosis (hematogenous spread)  R-40. Cured pulmonary and pleural tuberculosis  R-7. Cured apical tuberculous cavity R-11. Cured apical tuberculous cavity, diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, caseating and/or calcified tuberculosis of adrenal grand
TGI-71. Tuberculosis of ileum and of mesenteric lymph nodes  C-29.  Syphilic aneurysm of descending aorta SN-57. General syphilic paralysis (chronic spirochetal encephalitis)  OH-18. Splenomegaly  of congenital syphilis (middle) compared to normal newborn spleen and in erythroblastosis fetalis 
R-69. Paracoccidioidomycosis of larynx  R-63. Pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis and pleural fibrosis R-70. Pulmonary and lingual paracoccidioidomycosis  R-76. Pulmonary cryptococcosis 
SN-45. Cerebral cryptococcosis  SN-41. Cerebral cryptococcosis (so-called 'Donald Duck')  SN-42. Cerebral cryptococcosis  TGI-110A. Kaposi's sarcoma of tongue and trachea
TGI-110B. Kaposi's sarcoma of stomach TGI-110C. Kaposi's sarcoma of rectum R-79. Kaposi's sarcoma of lung Rim-62. Acute rejection of kidney transplant
Bronchopneumonia. Serous exudate  (A. 209) Lobar pneumonia.  Fibrinous-purulent exudate (A. 64) Acute appendicitis (phlegmonous inflammation) (A. 50)
Microabscesses in  myocardium 
(A. 328)
Acute tracheitis in diphtheria (pseudomembranous inflammation)  (A. 117/119) Necrotizing  enterocolitis 
(pseudomembranous inflammation) (A. 47)
Syphilitic aortitis (chronic nonspecific inflammation) (A. 94) Tuberculosis of lymph nodes  (chronic granulomatous inflammation) (A. 63) Liver schistosomiasis (chronic granulomatous inflammation) 
(A. 237)
Foreign body granuloma (A. 13) Foreign body granuloma to surgical suture (A. 13a) Organizing leptomeningitis (granulation tissue, repair) (A. 76)
Fibrosis and encapsulation in tuberculous granulomas (repair) (A. 112/113) Exudative pulmonary tuberculosis 
(A. 183)
Granulomatous nodal tuberculosis (A. 63)
Encapsulation of tuberculous caseous nodule (repair, cure)
(A. 112/113)
Calcified tuberculous nodule in lung (A. 230/235) Uncharacteristic leprosy of skin (nonspecific chronic infiltrate in early or regressive lesions) (A. 1)
Tuberculoid leprosy of skin  (A. 2) Lepromatous leprosy of skin (A. 3) Lepromatous leprosy - acid fast bacilli (Ziehl-Neelsen stain) 
(A. 184)
Lepromatous leprosy of spleen
(A. 36/38)
Lepromatous leprosy of peripheral nerve  (A. 36/38) Tuberculoid leprosy of peripheral nerve (A. 383)
Syphilitic chancre (primary lesion at inoculation site)  (A. 232) Pneumonia alba (white lung) in congenital syphilis (A. 74) Paracoccidioidomycosis in trachea and lymph node  (A. 211/217)
Pulmonary cryptococcosis
(A. 279A)
Cerebral cryptococcosis  (A. 279B) Cutaneous leishmaniasis 
(L. brasiliensis)   (A. 86)
Visceral leishmaniasis in spleen 
(L. donovan)  (A. 144)
Eosinophilic cystitis  (A. 215) Acute proliferative glomerulonephritis  (A. 140)
Polyarteritis nodosa  (A. 333) Positive Mitsuda reaction (for leprosy)   (A. 4) Renal candidiasis in immunocompromised host (AIDS) (A. 338)
Acute rejection of kidney transplant (A. 370)
Paracoccidioidomycosis of lymph node: smear and frozen sections,  HE Same, paraffin, HE Same, Grocott Same, Grocott + hematoxylin, PAS,  toluidin blue
Same, electron microscopy Pulmonary cryptococcosis, localized lesion (surgical specimen)  Histoplasmosis and paracoccidioidomycosis of lung in AIDS.  HE, Grocott Intestinal strongyloidiasis in AIDS
Cerebral aspergillosis. Macro specimen Same, HE Same, Grocott Systemic aspergillosis. Macro specimens
Same, lung, HE, PAS Same, lung, Grocott Same, heart, HE, PAS, Grocott Same, brain, HE+Grocott
Pulmonary cryptococcosis - small subpleural focus. Incidental autopsy finding. HE Same, special stains : mucicarmine, PAS, Grocott + light green Pleural and pulmonary mucormycosis. HE Same, plain Grocott, 
Grocott + hematoxylin. Text
Cerebral chromomycosis (cladosporiosis).  HE Same, Grocott + hematoxylin Same, Grocott + light green, Masson's trichrome. Text Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy.   Warthin-Starry silver stain
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