Rim-15. Unilateral kidney atrophy due to atherosclerosis of renal artery Rim-42. Massive kidney infarct due to occlusive thrombosis of renal artery Rim-36. Old anemic kidney infarct OH-8. Recent anemic infarct of spleen
OH-35. Recent anemic infarct of spleen C-15. Recent anemic myocardial infarct C-62. Old anemic myocardial infarct and massive dilatation of left ventricle SN-108.  Old anemic cerebral infarct
C-25B. Gangrene of toes in diabetes mellitus SN-32. Acute purulent meningitis as example of active hyperemia SN-20. Cerebral venous thrombosis, passive hyperemia, hemorrhagic infarct F-45.  Passive congestion of liver in right-sided cardiac insufficiency (nutmeg liver)
TGI-42. Liver cirrhosis, esophageal varices due to portal hypertension  F-3A. Hepatic schistosomiasis  F-3B. Splenomegaly secondary to portal hypertension in liver schistosomiasis F-3C. Esophageal varices due to portal hypertension in liver schistosomiasis
F-3C. Engorged vessels in diaphragm due to collateral circulation in liver schistosomiasis TGI-113.  Hemorrhoids. SN-22. Hypertensive hemorrhage in basal ganglia  (example of rhexis hemorrhage).  SN-144. Hypertensive hemorrhage in basal ganglia
SN-119. Subarachnoid hemorrhage due to aneurysmal rupture  (rhexis hemorrhage).  SN-9. Unruptured berry aneurysm of middle cerebral artery SN-21. Acute subdural hematoma of traumatic origin (rhexis hemorrhage).  OH-13. Traumatic rupture  of spleen (rhexis hemorrhage)
TGI-70. Massive duodenal hemorrhage due to peptic ulcer (example of diabrotic hemorrhage) R-36. Apical tuberculous cavity, a potential cause of diabrotic hemorrhage Rim-32.  Malignant nephrosclerosis with renal petechiae (example of diapedesis hemorrhage) C-4. Aortic thrombi. 
C-83. Thrombus in iliac vein C-10. Thrombus in mitral valve  (due to bacterial endocarditis) C-28A. Thrombi in greatly dilated left atrium (due to rheumatic mitral stenosis)  C-84. Thrombosis of coronary artery and myocardial infarction
C-30. Thrombosis of superior mesenteric artery and intestinal infarction SN-52.  Thrombus in old myocardial infarct causing cerebral embolism  C-38 A+B. Chagas' disease (chronic myocarditis by Trypanosoma cruzi) : ventricular dilatation, mural thrombi, pulmonary embolism SN-101.  Cerebral cysticercosis  (embolism by parasitic larvae)
GE-24. Metastatic thyroid carcinoma in skull (example of embolism by neoplastic cells)  SN-56. Old cystic cerebellar infarct SN-99. Recent cerebral infarcts of anemic and hemorrhagic types R-14.  Recent and old pulmonary infarcts

Glomerular ischemia in acute tubular necrosis  (A. 26) + normal kidney (A. 17) Active hyperemia in acute appendicitis  (A.50) Chronic passive lung congestion in left-sided cardiac insufficiency (A. 129)
Normal lung for comparison (A. 209) Chronic passive liver congestion in right-sided cardiac insufficiency (nutmeg liver) (A. 213/254) Thrombi at various stages in hemorrhoids  (A. 317/323) 
Recent venous and recanalized arterial thrombi in femoral vessels (A. 317a) Same, Masson trichrome Thrombi at various stages in  arteries  (A. 67/80/81) 
Glomerular hyaline thrombi in disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)  (A. 321) Acute myocardial infarction 
(A. 374) 
Myocardial infarction at resorption stage (A. 100)
Post-infarct myocardial fibrosis 
(A. 212)
Recent cerebral infarct (A. 349) Cerebral infarct at resorption stage (A. 350)
Pulmonary infarcts, recent and in organization  (A. 229) Vacuolar change of hepatocytes in circulatory shock Necrosis of adenohypophysis in circulatory shock (A. 24/29)
Necrosis and  hemorrhage  of adrenal glands in circulatory shock (A. 259) Acute tubular necrosis of kidneys
(A. 26)
Acute tubular necrosis of kidney in shock (A. 288b)
Shock lung (adult respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS) (A. 371)

Cerebral fat embolism
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