TGI-1. Abundant mucus production in gastric cancer  OH-14. Hyalinization of splenic capsule Rim-4.  Heart and kidney in benign arterial hypertension  Rim-60.  Renal and splenic amyloidosis
SO-20  Chronic gout - tophi F-8.  Liver fatty change in a child F-23. Alcoholic cirrhosis C-4.  Aortic atherosclerosis and thrombosis 
OH 17.  Splenomegaly in Gaucher's disease R-37. Pulmonary anthracosis R-44A. Pulmonary silicosis  R-44B. Cor pulmonale in silicosis
Pele-6. Malignant melanoma of skin Pele-24. Malignant melanoma metastatic to subcutaneous tissue TGI-40. Biliary cirrhosis  F-40. Biliary cirrhosis
C-24. Atrophy of endocrine glands and heart GE-1. Thyroid atrophy of endocrine origin Rim-15. Kidney atrophy due to atherosclerosis of one renal artery SN-14. Atrophy of cerebral white matter in hydrocephalus 
Rim-40.  Kidney atrophy in hydronephrosis OH-8. Coagulation  necrosis (recent splenic infarct) OH-35.  Coagulation  necrosis (recent splenic  infarct) Rim-36. Scarring following coagulation necrosis (old kidney infarct)
Pele-7. Coagulation  necrosis in a malignant tumor (melanoma) C-15. Coagulation  necrosis (recent myocardial infarct) C-62. Scarring following coagulation necrosis (old myocardial infarct) SN-108. Liquefaction necrosis  (old cerebral infarct)
C-11. Liquefaction necrosis of aortic valve (bacterial endocarditis) R-66.  Extensive caseous necrosis in pulmonary tuberculosis  R-11. Evolution of caseous necrosis: cavitation in lung, calcification in adrenal gland R-16. Calcification of  tuberculous apical pulmonary nodule (Puhl's lesion)
C-25B. Gangrene of toes in diabetes mellitus

Glycogen storage in hepatocytes in von Gierke's disease (A. 293) Vacuolar change in hepatocytes in circulatory shock (A.10) Normal hepatocytes for comparison  (A. 293)
Mucin accumulation in gastric adenocarcinomatous cells (signet ring cells) 
(A. 271/275)
Same, in intramucosal (early) adenocarcinoma (A. 271a) Mallory's hyaline change in  hepatocytes in alcoholic liver disease  (A. 293)
Mallory's hyaline change in hepatocarcinoma cells  (A. 293b) Hyaline arteriolosclerosis in benign hypertension  (A. 98) Glomerular hyalinization in benign hypertension (A. 98)
Hyaline arteriolosclerosis in benign hypertension  (A. 98a) Glomerular hyalinization in benign hypertension (pictured - normal and atrophic glomeruli) (A. 98a) Hyaline nodules in glomeruli in diabetes mellitus (nodular intercapillary  glomerulosclerosis of Kimmelstiel-Wilson)  (A. 288b)
Acute tubular necrosis of kidney in shock  (A. 288b) Fibrinoid change of small arteries in polyarteritis nodosa (A. 333) Amyloidosis of peripheral nerve 
(A. 12)
Diffuse amyloidosis of lymph node (pictured - Congo red stained section under polarized light).  (A. 380) Amyloidosis of white pulp of spleen in lepromatous leprosy (A. 36/38) Lepromatous leprosy in red pulp of spleen (A. 36/38)
Lepromatous leprosy of peripheral nerve  (A. 36/38) Renal amyloidosis  (A. 200) Tophaceous gout  (A. 180)
Liver fatty change (steatosis) (A. 48) Fat droplets in macrophages in old cerebral infarct (gitter cells) (A. 350) Gemistocytic astrocytes in old cerebral infarct (A. 350)
Sphingolipid accumulation in splenic macrophages in Gaucher's disease (A. 71) Pulmonary anthracosis  (A. 209) Pulmonary silicosis (A. 315)
Melanin in malignant melanoma of skin  (A. 91) Hemosiderin in lung macrophages in cardiac insufficiency (A. 129) Bilirubin in biliary cirrhosis 
(A. 72)
Bilirubin in biliary cirrhosis (pictured - bile plug in canaliculus between hepatocytes) (A. 72a) Bilirubin in cirrhosis (pictured - cholestasis in dilated, ruptured  biliary duct with secondary histiocytic reaction) (A. 72b) Atrophy of skeletal muscle fibers in poliomyelitis (A. 21/35)
Atrophy of seminiferous tubules in lepromatous leprosy (A. 21/35) Coagulation necrosis of adenohypophysis in Sheehan's syndrome (A. 24/29) Coagulation necrosis in recent myocardial infarct (A. 374)
Caseous necrosis in tuberculosis of lymph nodes  (A. 63) Dystrophic calcification of tuberculous pulmonary nodule consequent to coagulative (caseous) necrosis (A 230) Liquefaction necrosis  (recent cerebral infarct) (A. 349)
Myocardial abscesses as example of liquefaction necrosis  (A. 328) Apoptosis in germinal centers of lymph nodes  (A. 359)

McArdle's disease, a glycogen storage disorder (glycogenosis) leading to myopathy Familial amyloid polyneuropathy, Portuguese type Alzheimer's disease 
Sphingolipidoses and  other CNS storage diseases Pulmonary anthracosis  Malignant melanoma of choroid
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