TGI-68. Megaesophagus  in Chagas' disease F-51. Esophageal varices in liver cirrhosis TGI-42. Esophageal varices in liver cirrhosis F-3C. Esophageal varices in liver schistosomiasis 
TGI-32. Stenosing carcinoma of esophagus TGI-83. Excavated esophageal carcinoma with luminal widening TGI-111. Stress ulcers of gastric  mucosa in circulatory shock TGI-25A. Hypertrophic gastritis (Ménétrier's disease)
TGI-28. Peptic ulcers in lesser curvature of stomach TGI-2. Chronic peptic ulcer of pyloric region with massive fibrosis TGI-70. Duodenal peptic ulcer with massive hemorrhage;  stress ulcers of gastric  mucosa due to hemorrhagic shock TGI-73A. Polypoid gastric carcinoma of pyloric region
TGI-73B. Exophytic ulcerated (excavated) gastric adenocarcinoma TGI-56. Exophytic ulcerated (excavated) gastric adenocarcinoma TGI-38. Exophytic ulcerated gastric adenocarcinoma TGI-36. Endophytic (infiltrative) ulcerated gastric adenocarcinoma
TGI-13. Diffuse gastric adenocarcinoma (linitis plastica) TGI-1. Diffuse gastric adenocarcinoma (linitis plastica) TGI-7. Lymphoma of stomach TGI-110B. Kaposi's sarcoma of stomach
TGI-44.  Acute pseudomembranous enteritis TGI-47. Acute pseudomembranous colitis TGI-15. Healing elliptical ulcers in typhoid fever TGI-71. Tuberculosis of ileum and of mesenteric lymph nodes
TGI-25B. Ulcerative colitis in amebiasis TGI-74. Liver necrosis ('abscess') in amebiasis TGI-92. Crohn's disease of small intestine: wall thickening, stenosis, upstream dilatation, linear ulcerations TGI-75. Crohn's disease of colon in a child. Toxic megacolon 
TGI-14. Ulcerative colitis  TGI-103. Ulcerative colitis TGI-112. Diverticular disease of colon TGI-65. Megacolon in Chagas' disease
TGI-58. Rectal polyps  and hemorrhoids TGI-20. Polyps of colon (tubular adenomas) TGI-34. Familial adenomatous polyposis  TGI-39.  Tubulovillous adenoma of rectum
TGI-114A. Villous adenoma of rectum TGI-5. Stenosing carcinoma of colon TGI-4. Lymphoma of ileum and of mesenteric lymph nodes TGI-31. Lymphoma of ileum 
Chronic gastric peptic ulcer 
(A. 208)
Gastric adenocarcinoma,  intestinal pattern (A. 185) Gastric adenocarcinoma,  diffuse pattern (signet ring cells)
(A. 271)
Intestinal tuberculosis  (A. 234) Ulcerative colitis (A. 380) Tubulovillous adenoma 
(A. 381)
Adenocarcinoma of colon (A. 149)
Helicobacter pylori in chronic gastritis Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsy.   Warthin-Starry silver stain Familial adenomatous polyposis
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