Rim-25. Chronic glomerulonephritis Rim-2. Normal kidney, chronic glomerulonephritis, left ventricular hypertrophy Rim-60. Renal and splenic amyloidosis SO-6. Multiple myeloma. Osseous and renal lesions
Rim-50. Toxemia of pregnancy. Liver and kidney lesions Rim-21. Toxemia of pregnancy. Kidney lesions Rim-56.  Acute tubular necrosis due to massive  hemolysis Rim-30.  Symmetric cortical necrosis of kidneys 
Rim-4.  Benign nephrosclerosis (kidney lesions in benign arterial hypertension)  Rim-32.  Malignant nephrosclerosis (kidney lesions in malignant arterial hypertension)  Rim-36. Old ischemic kidney infarct  Rim-42. Massive kidney infarct due to renal artery thrombosis
Rim-15.  Unilateral kidney atrophy due to renal artery atherosclerosis  Rim-41. Acute purulent pyelonephritis of hematogenous origin Rim-16. Chronic pyelonephritis with scars Rim-43.  Ascending chronic pyelonephritis 
Rim-18.   Chronic pyelonephritis. Hydronephrosis. Staghorn calculus Rim-46.  Chronic pyelonephritis. Staghorn calculus. Hypertrophy of contralateral kidney  Rim-11.  Congenital hydronephrosis  (two cases) Rim-31.  Necrotizing papillitis in diabetes mellitus
Rim 38.  Cavitating renal tuberculosis  GM-14. Papilloma of urinary bladder, nodular hyperplasia of prostate Rim-15A. Papillary carcinoma of urinary bladder  Rim-40. Papillary carcinoma of renal pelvis 
Rim-7. Polycystic kidney  Rim-6. Renal cell carcinoma  Rim-57. Wilms' tumor Rim-37. Bilateral Wilms' tumor 
GM-3. Nodular hyperplasia of prostate, hypertrophy of urinary bladder GM-16. Nodular hyperplasia of prostate, bilateral hydronephrosis GM-5. Adenocarcinoma of prostate. Peritracheal lymph nodal metastases GM-8. Seminoma
GM-10. Malignant teratoma of testis GM-7.  Embryonal  carcinoma of testis

Normal kidney (A. 17) Acute proliferative (post- streptococcal) glomerulonephritis   (A. 140)  Rapidly progressive (crescentic) glomerulonephritis 
(A. 41) 
Membranous glomerulopathy  (A. 27) Membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis (A. 28) Renal amyloidosis  (A. 200)
Diabetic glomerulosclerosis 
(A. 288/314)
Nephropathy of multiple myeloma (A. 142) Chronic (sclerosing) glomerulonephritis (A. 376) 
Acute tubular necrosis, ischemic type  (A. 26)  Acute tubular necrosis, toxic type
(A. 324)
Benign nephrosclerosis (A. 98)
Malignant nephrosclerosis 
(A. 99)
Chronic pyelonephritis  (A. 199) Tuberculosis  of epididymis 
(A. 134) 
Renal cell carcinoma (A. 186) Wilms' tumor  (A. 195) Urothelial (transitional cell) papilloma  of bladder 
(A. 135)
Nodular hyperplasia of prostate (A. 164) Adenocarcinoma of prostate 
(A. 46/56)
Seminoma (A. 58)
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