R-69. Paracoccidioidomycosis of larynx R-62. Carcinoma of larynx R-17.  Acute fibrinous pleuritis and lobar pneumonia  R-11. Chronic fibrous pleuritis (pachypleuritis) in tuberculosis
R-40. Chronic fibrous pleuritis in tuberculosis R-32. Pleural carcinomatosis by breast carcinoma R-15.  Atelectasis in newborn R-72. Bronchiectasis, congenital and acquired forms
R-71. Acquired bronchiectasis  R-1. Acquired bronchiectasis  R-17.  Lobar pneumonia  R-2. Bronchopneumonia with abscesses
R-78. Bronchopneumonia R-58. Pulmonary abscess  R-77. Subpleural pulmonary abscess R-12. Lobar pneumonia, gangrene, abscesses
R-41. Primary pulmonary tuberculosis, Ghon's nodule R-53. Primary pulmonary tuberculosis, Ghon's nodule SN-3. Tuberculous primary complex in child and meningitis  R-16. Post-primary tuberculosis. Calcified Puhl's nodule in lung apex
R-38. Cavitating Puhl's nodule R-36. Tuberculous apical cavity and bronchogenic spread  R-56. Tuberculous apical cavity and caseous pneumonia  R-66. Exudative tuberculosis and extensive bronchogenic spread
R-37. Miliary tuberculosis (hematogenous spread) R-40. Cured pulmonary and pleural tuberculosis  R-7. Cured apical tuberculous cavity R-11. Cured apical tuberculous cavity, diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, caseating and/or calcified tuberculosis of adrenal grand
R-63. Pulmonary paracoccidioidomycosis and pleural fibrosis R-70. Pulmonary and lingual paracoccidioidomycosis R-76. Pulmonary cryptococcosis  R-37. Pulmonary anthracosis  (+ miliary tuberculosis) 
R-44A. Pulmonary  silicosis  R-44B. Cor pulmonale in silicosis R-8. Early bronchogenic carcinoma  R-45. Squamous cell bronchogenic carcinoma 
R-4. Bronchogenic oat cell carcinoma with widespread metastases R-79. Kaposi's sarcoma of lung

Paracoccidioidomycosis in trachea and lymph node 
(A. 211/217)
Normal lung  Hyaline membrane disease of newborn (Neonatal respiratory  distress syndrome) 
(A. 297/298) 
Aspiration of amniotic  fluid 
(A. 299/300)
Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) with hyaline membranes Subacute respiratory distress syndrome with bronchiolar damage
Chronic respiratory distress syndrome with diffuse pulmonary fibrosis (A. 371) Chronic passive congestion of lungs, alveolar hemosiderosis 
(A. 129)
Recent and organizing pulmonary infarcts   (A. 229)
Pulmonay emphysema  Bronchiectasis (A. 256) Bronchopneumonia (A. 209)
Lobar pneumonia, grey hepatization  (A. 64) Interstitial pneumonia  by Pneumocystis carinii  (A. 73) Pneumonia alba (white lung) in congenital syphilis  (A. 74)
Viral interstitial pneumonia (A. 78) Cytomegalovirus pneumonia 
(A. 372)
Exudative pulmonary tuberculosis (cavity margin) 
(A. 183)
Granulomatous nodal tuberculosis  (A. 63) Encapsulation of tuberculous caseous nodule (A. 112/113) Calcified tuberculous nodule in lung (A. 230/235)
Pulmonary cryptococcosis  (A. 279A) Pulmonary anthracosis  (A. 209) Pulmonary silicosis (A. 315)
Pulmonary silicosis  + mixed dust pneumoconiosis Pulmonary silicosis:  coagulative necrosis and  fibrosis Pulmonary asbestosis
Coal workers' pneumoconiosis Berylliosis Squamous cell bronchogenic carcinoma   (A. 201)
Bronchogenic undifferentiated (oat cell) carcinoma (A. 327) Bronchogenic adenocarcinoma, bronchioloalveolar type
(A. 263/266)

Normal lung at autopsy Atelectasis or pulmonary  collapse Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) or shock lung 
Diffuse pulmonary fibrosis following ARDS Lobar pneumonia, red hepatization Subpleural pulmonary abscess
Pulmonary cryptococcoma  Pulmonary anthracosis Carcinomatous lymphangitis in lung due to metastatic breast carcinoma (CT + biopsy) 
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