F-48. Acute hepatitis with bridging necrosis F-49. Acute hepatitis with submassive necrosis F-43. Drug-associated submassive necrosis of liver F-1. Micronodular liver cirrhosis;  mild splenomegaly
F-11. Micronodular liver cirrhosis F-34. Macro- and micronodular liver cirrhosis F-39. Macronodular liver cirrhosis F-40. Biliary cirrhosis due to common bile duct atresia
F-2. Biliary cirrhosis due to extrahepatic bile duct atresia  + splenomegaly TGI-40. Biliary cirrhosis due to common bile duct calculosis F-3A. Liver schistosomiasis F-3B. Splenomegaly in schistosomiasis
F-3C. Esophageal varices  in schistosomiasis F-30. Hepatoblastoma F-10. Hepatocellular carcinoma, multifocal form  + cirrhosis F-46. Hepatocellular carcinoma, unifocal form 
F-33. Hepatic metastases causing hydrops of gallbladder F-17. Fragmented cholesterol gallstone  TGI-59. Cholesterol gallstone obstructing cystic duct. Hydrops of gallbladder F-18. Biliary pigment stones
F-19. Faceted stones + chronic cholecystitis TGI-45. Fibrosing chronic pancreatitis  F-14. Carcinoma of head of pancreas

Acute viral hepatitis due to hepatitis B virus. Ballooning degeneration of hepatocytes, cholestasis (A. 345) Submassive liver necrosis  (A. 68) Chronic hepatitis progressing to cirrhosis. Expansion of portal tract (interface hepatitis) (A. 293)
Chronic viral hepatitis due to hepatitis B virus progressing to cirrhosis. Ground glass hepatocytes (A. 182/69) Neonatal or giant cell hepatitis 
(A. 261)
Alcoholic liver disease. Mallory bodies (A. 293)
Chronic liver cirrhosis  (A. 182/69) Biliary cirrhosis  (A. 72) Liver fibrosis in schistosomiasis  (A. 285)
Liver granulomas in schistosomiasis  (A. 237) Congestive splenomegaly in schistosomiasis. Gamna-Gandy nodules (A. 285) Hepatocellular carcinoma (A. 302)
Chronic cholecystitis (A. 261) Fibrosing chronic pancreatitis 
(A. 187)
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