P-20. Chromomycosis of foot P-30. Cutaneous horn P-13. Squamous cell carcinoma of skin P-9. Basal cell carcinoma of skin
P-10. Squamous cell carcinoma in finger P-15. Squamous cell carcinoma in burn scar P-6. Malignant melanoma of skin P-24. Malignant melanoma metastatic to skin
P-29. Malignant melanoma in foot P-7. Amelanotic malignant melanoma

Eczema (A. 388) Psoriasis  (A. 353) Pemphigus foliaceus (A. 354)
Tinea (A. 389) Paracoccidioidomycosis - HE 
(A. 375A)
Paracoccidioidomycosis -  Grocott   (A. 375B)
Jorge Lobo's blastomycosis 
(A. 45)
Chromomycosis (A. 87) Actinomycosis (A. 88)
Leishmaniasis of skin (A. 86) Verruca vulgaris (common wart)   (A. 316) Carcinoma in situ of skin or  Bowen's disease    (A. 114)
Squamous cell carcinoma of skin (A. 83) Squamous cell carcinoma of thick skin (A. 83A) Basal cell carcinoma  (A. 90)
Melanocytic nevus (A. 18) Melanocytic nevus (another case)  (A. 18A) Malignant melanoma    (A. 91)
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