GE-28  Cyst of adenohypophysis GE-20  Macroadenoma  of adenohypophysis GE-32   Macroadenoma  of adenohypophysis compressing hypothalamus  GE-27   Macroglossia in acromegaly
GE-17   Carcinoma of adenohypophysis with liver metastasis and Cushing syndrome GE-4   Suprasellar craniopharyngioma  GE-2   Infrasellar craniopharyngioma GE-39   Adrenal gland adenoma 
GE-36   Adrenal gland carcinoma GE-15  Bilateral adrenal carcinoma. GE-12   Adrenal neuroblastoma GE-35   Adrenal neuroblastoma with widespread metastases
GE-37  Extra-adrenal neuroblastoma. Skull metastasis  GE-25  Pheochromocytoma. Left ventricular hypertrophy GE-23  Nodular goiter  GE-22   Nodular goiter 
GE-16   Nodular goiter compressing trachea  GE-38   Graves' disease GE-44   Hashimoto's thyroiditis and normal thyroid GE-30  Riedel's struma 
GE-31  Thyroid adenoma (benign tumor) vs nodular goiter (hyperplasia) GE-3.   Early thyroid carcinoma GE-9. Operated thyroid carcinoma.  Liver and pleural metastases GE-29.  Nodular goiter and thyroid carcinoma
GE-24.  Thyroid adenocarcinoma metastatic to skull  GE-18.   Thyroid carcinoma. Single nodule GE-5.  Anaplastic  carcinoma of thyroid

Normal adenohypophysis (A. 25) Postpartum necrosis of adenohypophysis (Sheehan's syndrome)  (A. 24/29)  Chromophobe pituitary adenoma (A. 238) 
Craniopharyngioma (A. 244) Necrosis and  hemorrhage  of adrenal glands in circulatory shock (A. 259) Adrenal gland atrophy (Addison's disease) (A. 198/216)
Adrenal adenoma
(A. 198/216)
Pheochromocytoma of adrenal (A. 241) Neuroblastoma of adrenal
(A. 223)
Normal thyroid Nodular goiter (A. 151) Graves' disease (A. 15)
Hashimoto's thyroiditis
(A. 16)
Follicular adenoma of thyroid
(A. 239)
Papillary carcinoma of thyroid
Follicular carcinoma of thyroid

Pituitary adenoma expanding into hypothalamus and III ventricle  Carcinoma of adenohypophysis with liver metastasis and Cushing syndrome Craniopharyngioma
Intrathoracic or plunging goiter Hashimoto's thyroiditis Thyroid adenoma
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