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Skull fractures
Post-traumatic pneumocephalus 
Brain contusions
Acute extradural hematoma
Acute subdural hematoma
Subacute subdural hematoma
Chronic subdural hematoma
Traumatic subdural  hygroma 
Subarachnoid hemorrhage
Intraparenchymal hemorrhage
Traumatic brain swelling
Diffuse axonal  injury 
Missile injuries
SKULL FRACTURES   see also  Neuropathology
Temporal linear fracture and subarachnoid hemorrhage  Parieto-occipital depressed fracture and subjacent contusion Temporo-occipital comminuted depressed fracture and contusion  Frontal comminuted depressed fracture, contusion and pneumocephalus
TRAUMATIC PNEUMOCEPHALUS   see also  Neuropathology
Large bilateral subdural traumatic pneumocephalus  Frontal subdural traumatic pneumocephalus  Traumatic brain swelling and pneumocephalus  Orbital roof fracture and pneumocephalus
CEREBRAL CONTUSIONS  see also  Neuropathology
Bilateral cerebral contusions  Multiple frontobasal contusions, subarachnoid and intraventricular hemorrhage Multiple frontal and temporal contusions  Frontoparietal contusions secondary to depressed skull fracture
Frontal and cerebellar contusions Subacute frontobasal contusion
ACUTE  EXTRADURAL HEMATOMA   see also Neuropathology
Right temporal acute extradural hematoma Left temporal acute extradural hematoma Temporoparietal acute extradural hematoma Posterior fossa acute extradural hematoma 
ACUTE  SUBDURAL HEMATOMA    see also Neuropathology
Frontoparietal acute subdural hematoma  Frontoparietal acute subdural hematoma Left frontotemporal acute subdural hematoma Acute subdural hematoma, transition to subacute stage
SUBACUTE  SUBDURAL HEMATOMA     see also Neuropathology
Subacute subdural hematoma Subacute subdural hematoma with sedimentation level; right-sided calcarine infarction Subacute subdural hematoma with sedimentation level
CHRONIC SUBDURAL HEMATOMA    see also Neuropathology
Right-sided  subdural hematoma: transition to early chronic stage Left-sided chronic subdural hematoma Bilateral chronic subdural hematoma  Bilateral chronic subdural hematoma 
TRAUMATIC  SUBDURAL  HYGROMA       see also Neuropathology
Traumatic bilateral subdural hygroma 
Left-sided frontal contusion and subarachnoid hemorrhage in sulci 
INTRACEREBRAL  HEMATOMA     see also  Neuropathology
Temporal intracerebral hematoma and two extradural hematomas  Right-sided temporal intracerebral hematoma and acute subdural hematoma Temporal intracerebral hematoma and frontal contusions undergoing reabsorption 
Acute traumatic brain swelling Acute traumatic brain swelling Acute traumatic brain swelling. 'White cerebellum' sign
Diffuse axonal injury and ventricular hemorrhage Diffuse axonal injury and hemorrhages at grey-white matter interface. Diffuse axonal injury sequelae 
BULLET  WOUNDS    see also  Neuropathology
Superficial bullet wound in plain x-ray films Bullet at skull base, intracerebral hematoma and pneumocephalus  Intracranial and skull base bullet wounds Intraocular hemorrhage, frontal hematoma
Four intracranial projectiles Transcranial missile wound and pneumocephalus  Intracranial missile trajectory and  intraventricular hemorrhage  Frontal abscess,  late complication of missile injury
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