F-35. Liver in erythroblastosis fetalis and normal newborn liver  OH-39. Acute leukemia. Moderate splenomegaly and necrotizing amygdalitis OH-25. Massive splenomegaly in chronic myeloid leukemia vs normal spleen OH-31. Acute lymphoblastic leukemia Renal infiltration and dural hemorrhage 
TGI-71. Tuberculosis of ileum and mesenteric lymph nodes  OH-23. Tuberculosis of paraaortic lymph nodes  TGI-31. Lymphoma of ileum OH-29. Lymphoma of spleen
OH-7. Hodgkin's  lymphoma of cervical nodes (stage I) OH-33. Hodgkin's  lymphoma: lymph nodes OH-15. Systemic Hodgkin's  lymphoma (stage IV) OH-4. Tuberculosis of  spleen
F-13. Splenomegaly  in liver cirrhosis (due to portal hypertension) F-3B. Splenomegaly  in schistosomiasis OH-17. Splenomegaly  in Gaucher's disease

Normal bone marrow  (A. 356) Aplasia of bone marrow (A. 364) Liver in erythroblastosis fetalis
(A. 297/298)
Acute myeloid leukemia (bone marrow) (A. 357) Chronic myeloid leukemia (bone marrow) (A. 358) Chronic lymphoid leukemia or lymphocytic lymphoma - lymph node  (A. 284)
Chronic lymphoid leukemia or lymphocytic lymphoma - liver
(A. 284)
Follicular hyperplasia of lymph node (A. 359) Tuberculosis of lymph node (A. 63)
Paracoccidioidomycosis  of lymph node  (A. 211/217) Hodgkin's lymphoma (lymph node) (A. 62) Follicular lymphoma (lymph node)   (A. 360)
Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, immunoblastic type (lymph node)  (A. 361) Lymphoblastic lymphoma  or acute lymphoid leukemia  (lymph node)   (A. 156/157) Diffuse large B cell lymphoma, centroblastic type (lymph node)  (A. 156/157)
Spleen in Gaucher's disease 
(A. 71)
Spleen in visceral leishmaniasis  (kalazar),  (A. 144) Spleen in  lepromatous leprosy 
(A. 36/38)
Normal thymus   (A. 365) Thymic  involution  (A. 362) Thymoma (A. 363)
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