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Dear guest,  this is the English language homepage to the Anatomical Pathology / Neuropathology / Neuroimaging website of  Departments of  Pathology and Radiology at State University of Campinas, School of Medicine (FCM-UNICAMP), Campinas, BRAZIL. 

The final pages in Portuguese cover museum specimens, microscopical slides (General and Special Pathology) and case studies in Neuropathology and Neuroimaging. You may reach them via thumbnail pages and alphabetical indexes in English listed above. 
If you get stuck in the Portuguese pages, look for 'Outros Módulos' (other subjects) or 'Neuropatologia - Graduação' at each page bottom that will have links back to the English homepage. Please feel free to browse.

Updated 28th January, 2017

About  this  site

This teaching website on Pathology, Neuropathology and Neuroimaging of  FCM-UNICAMP first appeared in April 2000 as supporting pages for our Medical School students, based on the museum assembled by Professor José Lopes de Faria, founder of the Pathology Dept.

In 2003, the site incorporated a sizable number of  Neuroimaging pictures, as the Neuropathology and Neuroradiology courses were merged. That was possible through the invaluable help of  Professor Verônica de Araújo Zanardi, who opened her personal files and applied lifelong experience to the case presentations. Since then, many  neurosurgical cases discussed in monthly meetings have been added and the collection continues to grow. Special thanks are also due to Professor José Ribeiro de Menezes Netto, an unfailing believer in the complementary natures of Radiology and Pathology and active contributor to this site. 

We now feel there may be enough useful images to bring the site to a more international readership.  The indexing pages in English above give access to all material through linked thumbnails.  The final pages are in Portuguese, but we strongly advise you to try Google’s translator at https://translate.google.com/  Write in the left hand box the site's name anatpat.unicamp.br, adjust the original language to Portuguese and click in the link that appears on the right hand box.  All pages within the site will then be translated automatically into your chosen language as you follow the links.  Doubts, observations and suggestions may be sent to gradanat@fcm.unicamp.br . We welcome your visit and please fell free to browse.

Copyright note.  The aim of the site is to publish interesting cases through the Internet, promoting the free circulation of knowledge. We remind that all material here presented is copyrighted and unauthorized reproduction for commercial use is strictly forbidden.  However, should you like to use some of the pictures to illustrate lectures or another website, you may do so by citing the origin and/or establishing a link to this site. 

We trust you may find our efforts helpful and welcome comments through e-mail

Professor Luciano S. Queiroz, MD, Ph.D.  Neuropathologist
Rogério Augusto Paes, BBS.  Biologist

Dept of Pathology, School of Medical Sciences.
State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). 
Campinas, São Paulo, BRAZIL. 

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